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A few tips for keeping your dogs looking and feeling great in the cold wet weather

Well its February but still very much winter with the cold and snow showers we have had recently!

I have put together some coat care tips to keep your pet feeling their best during the cold and wet days.

During the wetter and colder months its unlikely you will be able to take your dog on a walk without them getting soaked in puddles or covered in mud from the ground. Its tempting to just leave them to dry off on their own .. or give them a quick rub down with a towel. These days you cant be too careful when there is Alabama rot and things being reported closer to home I always recommend rinsing your dogs legs and feet off and any other areas that may have come into contact with stagnant water, mud or salt. Drying off with a towel is fine if your dog has short hair but if your pooch has long hair you might want to be careful when towel drying. Rubbing with the towel will cause the hair to bind together causing knots and matting, gently squeezing the hair with a towel is the best way to remove excess water without causing any friction to the hair. If your pet will allow you to use a hair dryer on them to help then that’s great. The hair will need to be brushed through whist it dries to avoid any matting forming.

One of the things as a groomer I hear often in the winter are owners wanting their pets coats kept longer than usual or waiting longer in between grooms to avoid the cold. Although this might seem like the right thing to do it can in fact be detrimental for your dogs health. The longer your dogs hair is the longer it will take to dry meaning that the damp skin can be vulnerable to infection.Keeping a regular grooming routine in the winter is so important so even if you decide to keep your dog in a longer style, visiting a salon for bath and brushes to avoid knots building up in the hair and washing away the winter dirt will help to keep your dogs coats in good condition.

Jackets and jumpers ! there are so many fabulous jackets and jumpers on the market to help keep your dog cosy and dry. My advice is after you remove your dogs jumper or jacket go through the coat with a brush and comb to make sure there are no knots that have formed. The material of certain jackets and jumpers can cause static in the hair which sometimes causes matting if you are not careful!

Salt on the pavements can cause irritation to your dogs paws and can also be dangerous to them if ingested. My advice would be to try and avoid heavily salted pavements and rinse paws off after walks. Drying the feet well with a towel and then applying a dog safe paw balm is ideal for keeping those pads well hydrated and healthy. I have added a link to one of my favourite paw balms, it smells so good !!

I dont know about everyone else but as the owner of three hairy dogs I am looking forward to some better weather soon !

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